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Special underwear to prevent “rheumatism”-unique in concept, material and production.

An innovative new product, often advertised as most probably the healthiest underwear ever. It is already distributed in several European countries by Illustrade Kft.

The “rheuma underwear” covers all joints spine and kidneys with natural merino-wool. The Kashmir-wool reaching to the skin increases the blood circulation in the joints, decreases the rheumatic pain and helps the regeneration of muscles. Wool is well known of its outstanding isolating capacity. It provides air filtration, keeps joints warm, loosens muscles and protects from cold. The rest of the body is covered with a material similar to traditional underwear, containing 46% cotton (pleasant feeling), 46% polypropylene (easy handling) and 8% elasthan (comfortable).

This underwear is especially recommended for hunters, motorcyclists, for outdoor activities as well as for patients suffering from rheumatic and arthritic diseases.

The product is patented and prepared under license agreement.

Contact: Illustrade Kft.
Address: 1124 Budapest, Szánkó utca 5.
E-mail:   miko.staut@t-online.hu

NandSoft.com – NandNetSec – is searching for distributors for software which facilitates the every day job of system administrators.

The NandNetSec Information Protector product is designed for closed networks to stop information leaking. The administrator can fully control the entire network from every computer; it’s easy to monitor the activities. It runs in a heterogeneous network and it can automatically disconnect the unauthorized network connections (like mobile internet). It’s modular, it has a monthly/yearly license system for every module, and hence it’s very flexible and inexpensive even for large number of computers. It is recommended for military agencies, leading industrial manufacturers, research laboratories, government audit service, small, medium and large Enterprises.

MrSoft Ltd. – (www.MrSoft.eu) – develops and distributes its own and cooperating partner’s software since 1990. We are member of ICT Association of Hungary (ivsz.hu) since 1995 and the eCommerce Society (szek.org) since 2002.

Contact:  Mikola Rezsõ CEO
Address: 1096 Budapest, Sobieski J. u. 15/C
Telephone: +36 1 280 8811, +36 20 943 4676
E-mail: info@mrsoft.eu

Gift items directly from manufacturer.

Uniquely designed promotional gifts, individually designed 3-dimension figures placed in our mugs. Items are unique, representing your company logo or activity. Selection of unusual kind and creative gifts, gift and souvenir mugs. Tea and coffee mugs with raised lettering.

For details please visit: www.stylemug.com

De-barked wood

Export to Ireland de-barked wood such as Spruce and White Deal along with other varieties. Consignments either from Hungary or from Canada.

Contact: Hungarian Trade Commission, Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416) 923.3596
E-mail: toronto@hita.hu

Spare parts for autobuses and commercial vehicles

Tie rods, ball joints, torque rods, pins screws, bushes shock absorbers, air springs and spare parts, etc., are available for importers, wholesalers.

For details please visit: www.primvol.hu  or
Hungarian Trade Commission, Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416) 923.3596
E-mail: toronto@hita.hu

Herbal extracts, medicinal products and dietary supplements

The manufacturing plant, Biopharma Kft, (www.biropharma.com) is specialized in the production of herbal extracts, medicinal products and dietary supplements. Besides their own product development and manufacture, the plant provides contract manufacturing services to other pharmaceutical companies as well. Importer, distributor is sought for products of Avemar (www.avemar.com) and for Immunovet (www.immunovet.info).

Besides offering quality range of products, the company also provides Contract Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Services to their clients.

Biropharma Kft offers his services for contract manufacturing:

•  Herbal extracts (aqueous and alcoholic extracts)
•  Biological transform: fermentation, enzimatical methods
•  Chemical reactions
•  Liquid/separation, purification
•  Low temperature, vacuum condensation
•  Drying:  Spray drying, fluidizing drying, micro encapsulation
•  Tableting (uncoated tablets in various sizes)
•  Packaging
•  Tablets: plastic bottles
•  Powder, granulates: bottles or sachets
•  Liquids: bottles and labels, packing
•  Lose packaging


Powder metal parts reinforced by nanoparticles.

Hungarian R&D company has developed a new technology for producing nanofibers inside the parts. The technology is suitable for companies dealing with PM technology-powder metallurgy. It is also advantageous in electric motor core, bushings producing, fission fuel (pellet) production, etc. The main novelty of the producing way is the in situ generated nanoparticles inside the parts. Does not need separate fabrication of the nanofibers and mix with basic material. The whole structure is formed in single technological step.

The strong fiber-network and multilayer sandwich structure offers extremely wear resistive and firm mechanical parts (e.g. bushings), and Eddy currant poor electric part being the layer substrate electrically non conductive. (An eddy current is the current induced in little swirls (“eddies”) on a large conductor. Picture a sheet of copper.)

The technology itself is easy and cost-effective, but the product is high-tech.

The company is interested in widening the application field, but also prefers other co-operation possibilities supporting additional development, commercial exploitation, and financing issues.

Contact: Hungarian Trade Commission, Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416) 923.3596
E-mail: toronto@hita.hu
Reference: 11 HU  50R9 3NKK

Method for optimizing cutting forces in cutting tools at milling process

A Hungarian university developed and applied for patent a computer assisted process and system that can instantly determine the cutting force coefficients and can estimate the cutting forces at complex milling processes. The main advantage of the technology for the machine tool manufacturers and software companies is the optimization of the feed rate that reduces the machining time and increases the tool lifetime. The main feature of the computer-assisted process and system, developed by the university is the optimization of the milling process performed by means of the estimation of cutting forces. The effectiveness of milling process can be increased significantly if the cutting forces are determined before they emerge.

The invention makes it possible in the way of cutting force estimation, to optimize the milling process, which can lead to the optimization of the feed rate and to the reduction of machining time and the increase of tool lifetime. The integration of the new method into machine tools, improves the efficiency of the production process.

There is continuous cutting force measuring and synchronized simulation in the course of the machining, where the forthcoming cutting forces are instantly predicted with the appropriate look-forward algorithm.
Changes of milling tool geometries during the machining process does not effect on the accuracy of the computation.

The university is seeking partners for licence agreement and R&D collaboration.

Contact: Hungarian Trade Commission, Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416) 923.3596
E-mail: toronto@hita.hu
Reference: 12 HU 50S2 3PAJ

Methodology for developing gauges, experiment and expertise for manufacturing special, rock physics laboratory instruments

A Hungarian company offers a novel methodology for developing instruments used to measure the physical parameters of rocks. The offered methodology combines applied analyzing methods by developing complex gauges. The company works on developments in the fields of petrophysics, geophysics and laboratory technics with university partners.

Innovative Aspects:

This technology to measure the physical parameters of rocks is based on a complete methodology as opposed to individual measurements being on the market (e.g. pore characterisation).
According to this experience, the company offers a methodology for measuring the physical parameters of rock which combines the applied methods by developing a new, complex gauge.

The method is able to perform water- and gas permeability measurements under quasi reservoir conditions.

Innovative technological background:

Complex pore characterization (porosity, pore-throat size distribution, water- and gas permeability, diffusive transport examinations, sorption capacity measurements and the measuring of physical parameters, etc.) of normal and very tight rocks, partly under reservoir conditions (from 20 to 150 degree Celsius, from 0,1 to 25 MPa pressure).

Advantages connected to innovative instruments and attitude:

The permeameters already on the market usually work at room temperature. The applied technology combines the features of permeameters already on the market, thus shorting the time of analysis significantly. As a consequence costs are lower as well.

The company proposes technical co-operation: testing of new applications and technical consultancy of analysis for very tight materials as well as the interpretation of results. Know-how in the field of equipment development and methodology.

Potential partners: companies manufacturing gauges for hydrocarbon research, geothermal research, radioactive waste disposal and carbon dioxide disposal. Industries, academies for technical co-operation or technical consultancy are also sought.

Contact: Hungarian Trade Commission, Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416) 923.3596
E-mail: toronto@hita.hu
Reference: 10 HU 50S2 3G5T

Premium Health Park and Thermal Hotel, Transdanubia, Kapuvár 

The total area is approximately 60 acres. The project concept includes a five-star hotel, a four-star hotel, a central thermal bath, a medical bath with services, 100 apartment houses and recreational areas. Access to golf course.

The project’s competitive advantages include the following:

• Medical water
• Therapy unique in Europe (and the world in some respects)
• Complete infrastructure of neighbouring town
• Wide range of services
• Natural surroundings

We believe this project represents an exceptional opportunity. The project owner expects the investment value of  €63,000,000 to return in 9 to 10 years.

Castle hotel, near Lake Balaton

A castle hotel of 15,000 sq m total surface is for sale. The real estate situated in the neighbourhood of Lake Balaton and has individual hot medicinal water supply. It is located in a park of 20,000 sq m. The owners of castle hotel have development plans to transform the establishment into a modern, five-star hotel with 200 rooms and luxury wellness-medical and fitness facilities. Sale Price: EUR 3.5 million.

Hotel development, near Lake Balaton 

Development plans for a five-star hotel located in the neighborhood of Lake Balaton with all building permits on a total surface of 7.5 ha are available for investors. The total surface of the planned hotel is 39,796 sq m including a wellness and a medical centre, a spa and a conference centre.

Four-star Hotel for sale 

A four-star hotel in the vicinity of a national park in Central Hungary is looking for investors. The hotel has got 80 rooms, wellness and fitness facilities, a covered swimming pool, conference room and restaurant. Investment value: EUR 9 million.

Five-star hotel located in the vicinity of Budapest 

A five-star hotel located in the vicinity of Budapest is for sale or available for investors. Total building surface is 10,500 sq m, in 720,000 sq m green area. The hotel has 140 beds, a luxury wellness facility, 18 holes golf course, a tennis court, a conference centre, a restaurant and a bar are operated in the hotel. Stables, commercial buildings and a chapel belong to the real estate. The hotel has got building permits for two steps development aiming at the extension of the hotel room capacity to 200-205 beds. Sale Price: EUR 46 million.  The amount required for the development: EUR 6 million.

Three-floor building, Budapest 

A beautiful three-floor building of 329 sq m is for sale in the green, hilly side of Budapest with excellent public transport. Gas, electricity and water supply are available on the real estate. The site has got phone and a computer system, a built-in alarm system, parking facilities, storage building. Suitable for office and residential purposes as well. Sale Price: EUR: 190,000.

Biogas plant producing electricity 

Hungarian project-company dealing with green investment in the Transdanubia region in Hungary is looking for investors to realize a biogas plant producing approximately 2.4 MW electricity power from vegetal raw material. The feasibility study, the construction project and the electrical accession plan are already prepared. The company disposes of the final construction permit and the permit of accession to the converter station. A bio-coal plant is also foreseen which will use the thermal energy produced by the biogas plant. The bio-coal plant will use wood chip and hay. Amount of investment is 3.48 billion HUF + VAT (11.7 million EUR + VAT).

Shoe-manufacturing company 

A Hungarian shoe-manufacturing company is looking for investors to make use of its innovation that earned several International Invention prizes and to introduce the same to the European and other foreign markets. The investment proposal is EUR 11,000,000 which serves the construction of the new plant, the purchase of the new, high-capacity, up-to-date machinery and the introduction of the product to the markets. Permits needed for the realization of the investment are available.

For details please contact: Hungarian Trade Commission, Toronto, ON
Telephone: (416) 923.3596
E-mail: toronto@hita.hu


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