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Hungarian citizenship is inherited by birth (ius sangui), thus the children of Hungarian citizens are generally also eligible to become Hungarian citizens.

The assessment of the citizenship can be very complicated due to the historical changes of borders and citizenships in Central Europe, therefore this work is done exclusively by the Citizenship Department of the Ministry of the Interior in Budapest.

The following forms and documents must be submitted in person at the Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa or at Extramural Consular Days.

  1. Citizenship application form – (Allampolgársági igazolása iránti kérelem);
  2. Birth registration form – (A születés hazai anyakönyvezéséhez);
  3. Marriage registration form – (A külföldön megkötött házasság hazai anyakönyvezéséhez) or Divorce registration form – (Adatlap válás anyakönyvezéséhez) if applicable;
  4. Original or certified copy of applicant’s birth certificate – The birth certificate must include the names of both parents.
  5. Applicant’s proof of marital status – Long form marriage certificate and/or divorce certificate (divorce decree), if applicable;
  6. Proof of parents/grandparents’ Hungarian nationality – Copy of birth certificate and/or any valid or expired Hungarian passport, personal ID document or military ID;
  7. Original or certified copy of applicant’s parents’ marriage certificate – If the applicant is under 18 years and parents were married abroad (i.e. not in Hungary) the marriage registration form must be completed to register their marriage in Hungary;

    a) If the parents were not married at the time of the applicant’s birth:

    A special declaration form – Apasági nyilatkozat – must be completed and signed by both parents, recognizing the parenthood of the child. If the applicant is an adult (18 years or more) he/she also has to sign the form to acknowledge acceptance of being recognized as a child of the father.

    Suite 200, 1115 – 11th Avenue SW • Calgary, AB • Canada T2R 0G5 TEL: +1.403.229.4800 • FAX: +1.403.245.0569

E-mail: info@hungarianconsulate.com

b) If the parents’ marriage was dissolved (by divorce or death) prior the applicant’s birth:

The original Divorce Decree (Absolute decree), death certificate or other evidence of the dissolution of marriage must be submitted. The document must be translated if it was not issued in Hungarian.

9. Photocopy of applicant’s ID document (original shall be presented on site) 10. Fee payable by money order to the Embassy of Hungary;
11. Prepaid and self-addressed Xpresspost envelope


Please complete the application forms according to Hungarian usage (name order: family name, first name; date order: year, month, day; use accents).

All non-Hungarian documents issued in a language other than English must be translated into Hungarian before they are submitted to the Hungarian Embassy. Translations can be done by anyone speaking Hungarian (as long as they are typewritten), as the translation must be certified by the Hungarian Embassy. Please note that the document must be translated in its entirety. It must be exact, accurate and conform to the rules of the Hungarian language.



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